Big Butt Blog…

I thought about this for a Blog title while riding my bike. Geez! it was cold! And I know people ride in colder weather than this, although those that do are really crazy. I rode 8.4 miles… about 48 minutes. The temp was 45, wind chill 41. I was so hot when I got in, and now am chilled to the bone. But I sure feel good about doing it! I seriously doubt I’ll ride again until next weekend when it hits 50. That may be my cut-off temp.

Right now I’m really hungry, but can’t get outta this chair cuz I’m warm and comfy. Cowboys are winning, Maricela’s on her way home, so it’s a good day.

And I can’t figure out how to get the time to be correct, but that’s for another day when my brain’s fresh.


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